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Which Universal Jumbo Remote is the best?  Check out our guide and find out which super remote has the best features.

Innovage Jumbo Universal Remote

The orignal jumbo universal remote! 11 inches long by 5 inches wide. Probably bigger than your foot!  Controls the most devices, 8 total.  Jumbo sizes makes the remote nearly impossible to misplace or get lost under the couch. There are a lot of remotes that look like this one from other brand names.  Most of the time they are the same remote by the same company licensed under a different brand name.  Emerson and Sharper Image have Jumbo remotes which are the same as this one. Innovage also makes one with glow in the dark buttons.

Living Solutions Colossal Universal Remote

Fewer buttons and doesn't control as many devices.  No arrow keys or code search button.  This Jumbo Remote can be found at Walgreens.  It's 10 bucks and very basic.

Hy-Tek Tek Partner Remote

Uses a different configuration of the buttons and a slimmer center.  The arragement of the channel and volume buttons are more intuitive.  The 8.5 in length makes it not as long as others.  Buttons light up making it easy to see in the dark.  Controls up to 4 devices.

Hy-Tek Big Button Remote

2 1/2” Width, 9 1/2” Length, 1 1/4” Height. This big button remote is similar to their Tek Partner remote.  Same features but with a rectangle shape.

MerchSource Touch Remote

MerchSource makes these touch jumbo universal remotes that are under the Emerson and Sharper Image brand names.  They are learning universal remotes which means they have the ability to copy and save the signals from your original remotes.  This is great if you want to customize the buttons or have an electronic device that is less known and doesn't have a compatible programming code.  The touch panel illuminates when you touch it so its useful in the dark and won't dim out like glow in the dark buttons.  However, the flat design without buttons makes it so you have to look at the remote when using it because you can't feel the buttons as with the other remotes.

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