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How to Program Universal Remotes

First, not all universal remotes are the same, but they usually follow a pattern on how to program them.  The best way is to check your manual, but it normally follows these steps:

Example to program the universal remote for your TV.
1. Turn on your TV

2. Push the TV button on your remote.

3. If your remote has a code search or set button, push and hold that button until the light stays solid on the remote.  If you don't have one of these buttons, hold down the TV button until the light stays on.

4. Enter the code for your brand of TV.  If the code works, the light should turn off.  If you don't know the code and your remote has an auto program feature, you normally keep pushing the power button until the TV turns off. Each time you push power, the light will blink showing it is trying a different code.  If you find a code that works, hit enter to save the code.

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